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Textures reducer

NEW! v2 released, works with Condor v1 and v2

If your computer can no longer support high-resolution landscapes, or if your hard disk is full, then this tool is for you!

Here is some technical data to understand what this tool does:

A landscape comes with plenty of .DDS files (in "Textures" directory) which contains the texture (or picture) of the landscape. Each one contains a single image in different resolutions, from low to (very) high. This tool looks for biggest files then remove the highest resolution, reducing the overall directory size and the load for your graphic card, so even powerless computer (maybe even notebook!) can run Condor.

If all files have the same size, the whole scenery’s textures are reduced. Each time you click on "Reduce" button, the resolution is decreased from one level.

More over, the multiplayer flight is still possible,even with a lower resolution!

If you wish to restore original textures, just reinstall the landscape.

Usage: Download and run the installer, run the tool, select a landscape, click on "Analyze" to get information about texture size then click on "Reduce". That’s all!

Click here to download installation package